Scratchy Catman started as a script curated by The Spec Bank. It was written by copywriter David Mackereth.

No cats were harmed in the making of this spot.

for more nonsense, check out my reel on my website. It just went live this week.

Director: Tim Fassnacht (unaffiliated)
CopyWriter: David Mackereth

Executive Producer/UPM: Minh Dao
7Thirty Three Productions

Scratchy Catman: Ben Goldberg
Roommate: Ben Morrison
Store Clerk: Iyad Hajjaj

Production Crew:
1st Assistant Director/Prod. Coordinator: Lisa Mastroianni
Cinematographer: Juan M.R. Luna
Costumer Designer: Brian Phillips
Production Designer: Samantha Cadwell

1st AC: Benny Bailey
Gaffer: Rick Evans III
Gaffer: Sam McConville
Dolly Grip: Raul Rivera
Sound: Neal Doxsee
Make-up: Daniel Hirsch
Caterer: Kellie Healey
PA: Chris Alexander
PA: Tiffany Burris

Post Production
Editor: Tim Fassnacht
Digital Intermediate Supervisor: Glen Phipps
Post Sound Mixer: Joel Ouano
Colorist: Jan Janotta


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