If You Care, Care for the Wild - Cat Music Video (Cat Aid) - (2014)

Cat Aid, a parody of "band-aid" with a decidedly Joel Veitch look to the animation - aah AH, is here to sway you to save the Tiger - aah AH. OK, I have to stop that - aah AH - right now. Catchy as it may be, these two minutes of your life are gone forever if you watch the whole thing, and in the end it's just a parody of Live Aid with cats. We've seen cats trying to save tigers, three times already, starting with WWF & Lantmännen in Sweden, and we've had cat puppets sing Journey too. We should at this point have saved the tiger ten times over. As cute as these little animations and ads may be, they never mention why the tiger is being hunted. Is it being overused in wine and traditional Chinese medicine that was practically invented by Mao? If so, are the people who are eating tiger bits to fix their ailing health possible a better target to re-educate when it comes to medicine in an effort to save the tiger? Just a thought, guys. This all seems very first effort - "People who like cats watch cat videos, yeah great idea!" - and one that doesn't solve the actual problem. But hey, animated cats singing, once again, so hooray for that I suppose. Pet Trust live ad for charity was only last year.

See more at Care for the wild / Cat Aid. and at What is Cat Aid.

Philip Mansbridge, CEO of Care for the Wild, who have produced the video alongside international creative agency JWT London, said:

“Cat lovers love videos of cats. Cat videos are all over the internet. But all domestic cats probably want to be lions or tigers, so it’s only fair that they start pulling their weight to help their wild cousins!

“As a wildlife charity we know how much people love lions and tigers. But we also know that they don’t understand quite how serious the situation is. It’s hard to imagine a world without these big cats, but it’s going to happen unless we all do something about it. Hopefully this video will get the message out in a way that people notice – while watching a brilliant video and singing along to a frighteningly catchy song!”

David Masterman, Creative Director, JWT London explains, “We’ve had Band Aid, we’ve had USA for Africa, it was time these cats put their fame to good use and help their wild brothers and sisters.”

Christiano Neves, Creative, JWT London adds, “There’s no denying cats are massive on the internet. They dance, they hide, they do silly things and they always have millions and millions of views. So why not use these cats to deliver our serious message: if you care, care for the wild.”

Ad agency: JWT London

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