If you're gonna sell a computer so flexible it's named "Yoga" with a bond style secret agent story, of course you'll get James Bond director Martin Campbell to shoot it. That's what Saatchi NY did. The parkour-ready secret agent here is a lady that can outrun the best of them, and her nimble lightweight un-scratchable computer is 100% along with her despite the rough handling. Hmmm. I might want one of these. I mean, you can operate it while one a jet ski. Will it make me able to drive a jet ski? Jet ski's, bah, whomever didn't name that a boatercycle needs to be spanked. Opportunity wasted.

Ad agency: Saatchi NY

Lenovo "The Pursuit" CREDITS

Chief Creative Officer: Con Williamson
Executive Creative Director Brian Carley
Executive Producer John Doris
Art Director Billy Veasey
Copywriter Bill Carlson

Production Company Saville Productions
Director Martin Campbell
Director of Photography John Christian Rosenlund
Executive Producer Rupert Maconick
Line Producer Diane Leuci

Editing House Rock Paper Scissors, New York
Editor Biff Butler
Assistant Editor Parker Whipple / Dan deWinter
Producer Melanie Gagliano
Executive Producer Eve Kornblum

Visual Effects MPC, New York
VFX Supervisor Gigi Ng
Flame Artists: Gigi Ng
Nuke: Carl Font, Michael Pettersson
CG: Dean Robinson
Producer: Derek-Macleod-Veilleux
Music Composer Aeph
Sound design 740.
Music supervision Mad Planet.
Agency music producer Ryan Fitch.

Sound mix Company Heard City
Mixer Philip Loeb


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  • Hygge's picture

    So much effort, yet so little idea...

    Oct 13, 2012
  • netcruiser's picture
    netcruiser (not verified)

    who is that girl. she is hot!

    Nov 19, 2012
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    is'nt that Rachel star model* "the pornstar"..!!???

    Jan 04, 2013

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