The Polish Red Cross feeds a lot of hungry children in Poland, and rely on donations to make this happen. So to encourage more donations among the people who can afford to give - restaurant goers - they made a new way of laying your cutlery o the plate. If fork & knofe to the side is good manners for "I'm done with my food", then fork and knife as a plus sign is very good manners for. "I'm done with my food and you may add X% to my bill so I donate to the Red Cross". It's a very clever way of getting people to participate and the case study shows how well it worked.

Agency: Cheil Poland

Marcin Talarek - Creative Director
Wojciech Kowalik - Creative
Maciej Kozina - Creative
Piotr Zawałło - Designer
Michał Sierzchuła - Animation
Krzysztof Korolewski - DTP
Jakub Kozina - Web Designer
Digital Studio - Web Development
Agata Wołkowicka - Producer (Agency)
Maciej Sobieski - Project Manager
Maria Smoleńska - Project Manger
Barbara Marzec - Project Manager
Aleksandra Monczak - Project Manager
Laura Abdall - Social Media
Zbigniew Borowski - Social Media
FDR Studio - Animation
Adrian Pawłowski - Producer (Film Fiction)
Kazimierz Zbąski - Director


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  • Kat Smith's picture
    Kat Smith (not verified)

    Love this idea. Hope it works!

    Mar 07, 2014

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