The trouble with Adsense - abusive porn ads on The Star news site [NSFW]

The Star, an English speaking Malaysian news site relies on Adsense to fill more than nine spots per page (though adsense rules restrict it to three ad spots per page.... hmm!). And why not, with a combination of keyword sensitivity and cookies in the viewers browsers, Adsense can target the ad spots in all sorts of ways. Adsense even has other adnetworks under its umbrella, so one can accept third-party ads and get even more possible ads filling the slots. And still stuff like this happens. Or perhaps that's exactly why?

In an article about an 'erotic blogger' apologizing to National University of Singapore, a banner appeared with hard-core porn, advertising some website with the words 18 & abused. Not a banner one expects when reading the latest news. Adsense is quick to ban us for criticising Sloggi billboards but they can show hardcore porn penetration on a news site. Yeah, that makes sense.

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In truth your blog is very interesting! Very often it is read, thanks to the author for his work.

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Why thank you so much for the great compliment! Of course, we had to remove your spam link, especially because it is related to pornographic materials and of course you lose one hundred points because the author of said article is not in fact a "he" but a "she" which you would have known if you'd looked, but I guess like, that's too much trouble isn't it.

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Ha! The irony of a porn-spammer on an article pointing out that Google Adsense served hardcore porn on a newspaper site.