Presidential double whammy

Faux political ad

Mark Etting - Marketingmag [Canada tradepress]

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Canadian and Australian beer infused rants!

Gimmick Keeps Going and Going...

Canada and Australia have a lot in common.

Creative Hand Jobs

On thin Ice.

Contains links and shots from commercials - not exactly the same idea - but spookily similar...

Animal Planet gets a leg up on outdoor advertising.

IBM and SUN finally co-operate

Sperm Bank Stereotypes


Pore Bore

Inspired by webmovies - or just plain lazy?


Thrill-seekers watch TV? Or Go to Playland?

Wine and Mice.

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Airport! And again!

Evian and other Waters

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Toy Cars *R* Us!

Elephants and Mobile Phones.

Greenpeace vs Designstudents

Milk and Mobile Phones.

Milk? and Mobile phones? What do they have in common? The packaging of course! But don't drag that all the way to the ads.....

Sometimes a cigar is just a layout.


Honey - where are my ideas?

Ikea rocked the advertising world all the way from Canada to Denmark. Must've been all that jumping on the beds!

Train Ads.

All cars are the same, so are their ads

Don't Jump!

Killer orginality.

Paint by numbers - easy as 1-2-3

Parkbench media - used well / Badland

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Play with your food part one

Paragraph type: Text & HTML If you are going to advertise anything with/about/or for food, creatives tend to play with it like little children...
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Rip-off .. Or not?

WonderBra vs PushUp bra!

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The same visual...but different ideas!

More spoof ads (including milk..)

Underground bands are really unknown.

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Recycle your own ideas.

Pin Up Girls Galore!

Bilingual Heineken looses its shirt.


Bang! Bang! You're Copied!

Comments about nike ads

A classic case of A and B ideas / Perception - Reality


Welcome to Marlboro ads

Preem vs Good Guys Auto.

Separated at birth? Three drinks do the same thing.

Nike - "The Wall" - (1994) :40 (The Netherlands)

Giants, both literally and figuratively, play football across the world and on buildings.

Nike - Wall - (1994) 0:60 (Netherlands)

This reminds me of when athletes played tennis between the pages of magazines in a newsstand., it's an entertaining visual to watch something lik


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